Desktop automation source from excel update DAY

just started learning uipath, trying to automate desktop application. there is column DAY with meatball menu, when we click meatball menu popup with full week days names

read data from excel and automate desktop application.
did try click,type into,send hot key,select item activities already
any advice is much appreciated

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Hey @Ravi_R,

  1. Click on the Days text box.
  2. Get the day of the given date by using the following method.
  3. Create a dynamic selector by passing the day value into the selector and use click activity to click on that particular day.
  4. Click on the Ok button.


Hey @Ravi_R

You can automate that as well using Click activity and dynamic selector with a variable in it.

And the variable will hold the day value in it.


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Hello @Ravi_R ,

As you have already mentioned about the usage of click activity. Are you getting any particular error while trying to click the day or is it not working in dynamic? Or are you confused with the usage of dynamic slectors?

Can you confirm the above.

thank you ,it’s working .

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Perfect @Ravi_R Cool :slight_smile: :+1:

Its Working fine now
thank you

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Glad to hear that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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