Desktop Automation of Performance monitor window

I need to get some data from performance monitor window. I am trying to automate the window. But, I could see that none of the elements in the window are getting recognized.

i tried with Ui explorer, desktop recording, using click activities and specifically selecting the region. none of them are working.

Is there anything I am missing fundamentally when using OS related apps like task manager, perfromance monitor.

Kindly help

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You could try using the Computer Vision activities. They “look” at the screen so they’re helpful when traditional clicking/selecting isn’t working.


No its not working…Actually, no tools provided in the studio are working. not sure why

Hi @rameshgp43

I tried to reproduce this issue in my system with performance monitor
either i am also not able to select any element in the performance monitor window even with CLICK IMAGE activity, the image is even not getting set while selecting the image for Click image activity…
I hope we cannot get these elements, but there must be some way to handle this
Cheers @rameshgp43

What version of Studio are you running? I am running Enterprise 2019.4.2 and can interact with the performance monitor window just fine. I am using an Attach Window activity and then a regular Click activity and it is interacting as expected.

I am using 2019.5.0. u r talking about this window only ryt?

Yes, I have my bot simply click on “Performance Monitor” and it is able to do this.


My attach window selector is:
<wnd app='mmc.exe' cls='MMCMainFrame' title='Performance Monitor' />

My click selector is:
<wnd aaname='Workspace' cls='MDIClient' />
<wnd cls='MMCChildFrm' title='Performance' />
<wnd cls='SysTreeView32' />
<ctrl name='Performance Monitor' role='outline item' />

@DanielMitchell: u r using personal laptop or office laptop(non-admin rights)?
@Palaniyappan: Which one u r using sir?

I am using my office desktop, where I do not have admin rights.

office one @rameshgp43