Desktop application which is build on ASP WEb from is not getting identified

UI Controls is not getting identified in Desktop application Below are the Technology stack: Application Type: Desktop ( installed in the machine) ui controls : Telerik framework : Visual Basic Desktop Application written in VB ODBCWMS.docx (659.9 KB)


In that case open UIPATH studio and first click on UiExplorer

There we can find three different options to indicate on screen and access the elements

Click on UIFrameworks option where we can find three different modes to access elements based on the application

Changes the technology used to determine UI elements and their selectors. The following options are available:
Default – UiPath proprietary method. Usually works fine with all types of user interfaces.
Active Accessibility – an eariler solution from Microsoft for making apps accessible. It is recommended that you use this option with legacy software, when the Default one does not work.
UI Automation – the improved accessibility model from Microsoft. It is recommended that you use this option with newer apps, when the Default one does not work.
Click here to read more about Active Accessibility and UI Automation.

Try with any of those and check whether you are able to access the elements

If not we can try with Computer Vision activities

Check this doc for more details

Hope this would help you resolve this

Cheers @manishsoni0407

I have check all 3 option and it is not able to identify the object.
Below is the technology stack:
Panagon - Desktop version (VB 6.0,SQL Server 2016, Filenet Viewer (IBM))