Designing RPA Training to Upskill Employees | UiPath

If there’s one thing that we constantly hear from our customers and partners it’s that there’s a huge gap between the supply and demand for robotic process automation (RPA) talent. We never want a lack of trained RPA talent to be a blocker to scaling your RPA efforts.


Digital transformation looks very different at every company and is based on your organization’s vision, challenges, and demands. But setting up your automation program for success starts always with putting the right people in place—and creating a training strategy to develop the necessary skills across your organization.


As part of the Learning Consulting team, I work with UiPath customers every day to build organizational learning plans tailored specifically to their business needs. If you’re eager to learn how to design, develop, and deploy successful automation learning programs in your organization then you’ve come to the right place.


In today’s post, I’ll share our top five steps to building out your automation training framework:

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