Design Ribbon options

How to enable the highlighted options

@Mohana_BASKARAN_MN May i know few details please.

  1. You are not able to see those options at all or you are able to see them but is disabled?
  2. Which version of studio?


This screenshot I took it from training sites. My licensed version (Ui2019 Studio 2018.1.3 Enterprise Edition) doesnt have those last 3 options in the Ribbon. Not sure how to bring them.


Click on that arrow button then it will enable that tab.


tried that, still its not showing :frowning:

@Mohana_BASKARAN_MN i believe screenshot is from latest version of Ui Path. There should be a tab called Setup and Execute apart from Design tab. You should find these options in those. PLease check and confirm

Try Reset the setting.

Start -> Settings -> General -> Reset

If still you are facing issue, try reinstalling the UiPath studio.

You are using old version of UiPath.

Please download and reinstall the uipath.

thanks to both

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Please Mark the Solution as Solution :grinning:

done :slight_smile:

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