Design idea for multiple desktop application automation

I am trying the automate a process in desktop. There are 6 number of desktop applications. For each application I need to automate a specific process. Is it good idea to do all automation in a single project files? (there are more than 100 activities for 1 application) or is there any other design considerations.
I need to execute 1 application at a time (out of 6 applications).

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It’s a good design standard to organize the activities by both the Application and the task it performs in the Application into separate Workflows which you can call. To go further, you would publish those tasks into Libraries, which can be used similar to UiPath activities.

For example,
You might have a project that automates your Fantasy Sports League. Let’s say the project name is “ManageFantasyTeam”…
Your Workflows or Libraries would be organized like this:

Of course this is just an example, but you would call these by either using them as Libraries or Invoke Workflow and pass in arguments that are needed for that part to function.

As you can see, I used the System or Application name as the first word, then followed by the Section in the system (like FantasyFFL), and finally followed by the Task that it performs (like SetStarters). This let’s you easily organize, sort, and identify what the component does.

Your process part of your project would just call them in a sequence. In the example, you would invoke the “FindBestStarters” to get a lineup suggestion, then pass that as arguments to the “SetStarters”, and so on.

I hope this gives you some ideas based on how I approach my own automation.



Completely makes sense. Thanks for your help @ClaytonM

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