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I got a business requirement where I need to develop an attended robot for a call center.
Requirement: There will be a Pop-up window generated on call agent’s desktop when a call comes through.The pop-up will contain the caller’s customer ID and the robot should be waiting for the pop-up and should start the workflow whenever it appears.

Robot should read the customer No and should start searching customer data and products they have in the windows applications and the mainframes while the call agent greats the customer.

What is the best approach to start implementing this bot using UiPath?Should I use event listener activities?

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—let’s use click trigger activity where once the pop up window comes to the desktop the person who is going to handle the customer call will click on that pop up so that the bot starts
—then use get text activity and fetch the caller id and use relates activities to get the other details from application
—mean while we can ask for details from caller
As well

Hope this would help you
Cheers @Asiri

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This is useful thank you @Palaniyappan!

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Cheers @drkeek

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