Design a robust solution WITHOUT Refrework. Using try catch throw rethrow

My basic solution work perfectly.

Need a help to just redesign a robust solution WITHOUT Refrework. Using try catch throw rethrow.


    • Login Application

        • Clientlist (array)
        • For each client for the client list >
          4. * Navigate to processing screen.
          5. * Process the data.
          6. * Record the transaction output in .xls
        • < Iterative
    • Logout application

If steps are clear than you should also be clear with what will go wrong. So just prepare for that :slight_smile: Below are some pointers that can help you…

The flow if the client list item fails, the action to be performed in the catch block for different types of exception. The stopping criteria (if for eg. the website is not reachable then the robot should stop processing the records)

Obvious thought but make sure, the datatable for storing the data should be updated only i success or fail condition to avoid any duplicate entry. basically have only one workflow at the end and pass all the necessary data and there the datatable can be updated for all the conditions

navigation stage should be validated, the screen should be validated before processing. Any popup should be handled to make it easy for robot to proceed

login and logout session workflow should be isolated from the processing workflows and have exception handling