Deserialzie a SOAP Response

Hi Folks,
with the help of the forum here an this thread/solution here
Deserialize XML from SOAP output
I already achieved to deserialze my first SOAP response. But now I am facing a slightly different SOAP response and at this point I don´t know to handle these additional “m:” values in the xml tags.
This is the SOAP response
Image 697

I already tried to delete the “m:” with an assign-activity but this still did not resolve my problem.

Does anyone give me an advise how to get the value fom the xml-tag


with the solution2 (the short form) described in the thread mentioned above?

If you would like to test these SOAP interface, it is a public one with the URL
Book ISBN Numbers

Thanks for your assistance and help :wink:


It looks like they have both xml and json responses from that API - I think json is much easier to use and navigate and would go that route if you aren’t too far into the xml path already.

If you decide to stick with xml, would you mind uploading the exact xml response you’re getting? The example on the api documentation doesn’t match what you’ve included in your post as your post has an extra namespace to deal with.

The “m:” values are not values at all and is a namespace. You’ll want to assign that namespace in its own assign activity as mentioned in the linked post and include that before each xml element you reference

Hi David,

yes, I have to use the xml…sorry. :wink:
Here are the xmls - the request and also the response:

soapResult2.txt (330 Bytes) soapreq2.txt (289 Bytes)

My first approach to this subject with SOAP requests and response were with these request and response

soapResult.txt (413 Bytes) soapreq.txt (356 Bytes)
Url: TempConvert Web Service

And with the thread mentioned above I achevied to get the value from the tag

But in this example there are no additional characters and “:” in the xml-tags. :frowning:

Sorry, that I just can try to make my problem clear with these public examples, as I can not give the ‘real’ SOAP Url and request as it is a private API, but I can ensure that the SOAP response is in the same format.


xml is defining namespaces. Have a look here on how to handle:

Hi Peter,
thanks for your advice, but I already managed to extract data from an xml, but the concrete problem/challenge for me are the leading ‘m:’ in the xml-tags.

I think it is the best way to provide you with my xaml file

SOAPRequest.xaml (14.4 KB)

In the first sequence (‘TempConversion’) you can find the SOAP request and response which already successfully works, and my challenge is now the second sequence (‘BookISBNNumbers’).

I am still thankful for any hint or help. :wink:

can you please check in your code for the ISBN retrieval that you will use xmlDoc2
It looks like you are working with other xDoc (xmlDoc)

Oh no :scream: it was just a damned copy&paste-error. :man_facepalming:

You are 100% correct and that was the problem I did not see and I supected all the time the leading ‘m:’.

Thanks for your adivce


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