Deserializing/working with large JSON file

Hi There,

I am building an invoice processing project where invoice analysis data is getting saved in a file in JSON string.

Now I am attempting to deserialize this data and convert it to data tables.

The problem I am facing is, due to a large amount of the data in the file, when I am reading the file into a string (in order to convert it to a JSON Object), the data is getting trimmed.

Has anyone encountered this before and know a solution?



I believe you would have all the lines…

I guess you are trying to use log message to write the data and there is limit for log message not for string length…

So to verify please try writing the data back to another text file and you should be able to see all the data

Hope this helps


maybe trimmed in e.g debugging panels / logs but we would expect not trimmed internally.

Can be also quick checked within immedediate panel e.g. accessing lower parts / property counts…

But lets focus on the main task

is it working. Any help needed for this?

Thanks @Anil_G & @ppr

You were right. I just got panicked to see the output in the log message.

All good now.

@ppr - This is a nested and complex json so I am still working on converting it to data table logic. Maybe I should look if someone has already converted azure form recognition ( for invoice) output to data tables.

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