Deserializing multiple conditional dropdowns

Hello @Nithinkrishna ,

Correct, that was the JSON present inside the form designer.
This is what I managed to extract after changing the Deserialize JSON activity TypeArgument to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject, and the Write Line variable type to JObject ,and Text to SubOutput.ToString.
Processing: output.txt…
Screenshot 2021-11-14 171225

Is there a way of storing these responses for the tags (“name”,“company”,“category”,“subcategory2”) to use them later into Type Into activities? I must transfer them to a web browser.

Since I am a new member of this community, it won’t allow me to upload the entire process. Will the Main.XAML file suffice?

I am sorry for the headaches, as I know that I am not that technical at UiPath, and I hope that I will get better with time. :stuck_out_tongue: