Deserialize JSON: Unexpected character encountered while parsing value: P. Path '', line 0, position 0

	"Settings": [{
		"Name": "acme_queue",
		"Value": "acme_data",
		"Description": "acme_data adding into the orchestrator Queue"
	}, {
		"Name": "acme process",
		"Value": "acme_process",
		"Description": "reading the orchestrator folder Name"
	"constants": [{
		"Name": "Maxretry no",
		"Value": "0",
		"Description": "Must be 0 if working with Orchestrator queues. If > 0, the robot will retry the same transaction which failed with a system exception. Must be an integer value."
	}, {
		"Name": "MaxConsecutiveSystemExceptions",
		"Value": "2",
		"Description": "The number of consecutive system exceptions allowed. If MaxConsecutiveSystemExceptions is reached, the job is stopped. To disable this feature, set the value to 0."


Can you please print the configinfo string variable in log messages and check

Is there a inverted comma at the start of the string itself?


Hi @Pujari_Manjunatha ,

The Json Data provided by you above is proper and I did test it wit the Deserialize Json activity, and it did work.

If there are no manipulations happening on the string json data after it is read, then can you remove the Deserialize Json activity and Add a new activity and configure it with the same properties and check again.

there Is No inverted comma.

Instead of Excel I’m using Json here to read the config values in the REframework.

@Pujari_Manjunatha ,

The data shown in the Screenshot is not the same as you have provided in the First post.

Could you maybe provide the text file that you are using which contains the json data ?

Config.json (761 Bytes)

@Pujari_Manjunatha ,

I believe the json file is also proper. Do check on what is the file path being passed to in_ConfigFile argument.

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