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I have attached a sample JSON text file. I am trying to pull modelYear and the LicensePlateNumber from the JSON. Can anybody provide a workflow on how to pull that information?
json.txt (1.4 KB)


In short, your json is a JObject with some JArrays.

// JObject
  "responseRecords": [ // JArray
      "vehicles": [ // JArray
          "modelYear": "1986",
          "licensePlateNumber": "87096ST" 

If you want get the modelYear and licensePlateNumber for the first vehicle (by your sample) you need assign:

firstVehicle = jsonObj("responseRecords")(0)("vehicles")(0)

The firstVehicle variable is a JToken, now you can get what you need by assigning:

movelYear = firstVehicle("modelYear")

firstVehicle = firstVehicle("licensePlateNumber")

Please note that here we are considering that you have only one responseRecords and only one vehicles. If you can have more items, consider use a For Each.

Thank you I will try it out and let you know how it works.

Would I use the assign activity after the Deserialize JSON activity and then a message box to see if it pulled the correct information?

Exactly, use the variable that you defined in the output of Deserialize JSON, replace the “jsonObj” sample that I wrote for that.

what type of variable should firstVehicle be?

I changed it to jtoken. my message box it showing all the information though.

Hi, check the attachment:

Main.xaml (6.1 KB)

Thank you for the help on this, Nice Work!

Any idea how I would assign the the pulled modelyear and licensePlate to its own variable? If I wanted to add those values to a excel sheet. We used a message box to show the model year of the vehicle, how would I store that year in a variable. I will eventually be needing to store multiple modelyears in a variable and then writing them to excel. Any Ideas?

I think I got the above figured out, I just used an assign activity to collect them into a variable

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