Description of Uipath Certification Use Case

Hello everyone,

I am taking the certification exam and then I saw this description:


However on acme, it is only image

Is this a typo or should I stick with the condition on the use case?

Thank you in advance


Do you see description like “Verify Account Positions”, if not you can go with “Verify Account Position.”

hi @anil5 description is only “Verify Account Position” without s. I do not know if this is intended on Uipath’s part. This is my second try so I am a little on edge


If there is no Description such as “Verify Account Positions” if you stick with this also you cannot continue as when you extract the table you will get zero rows.

May be its typo error, but my suggestion would be to continue with “Verify account position.”

@ovi, is this a typo error from uipath’s part.

This is solved now. Thank you for the replies

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