Description Error

When I try to Publish, I get the “uipath error: description is required”. How do I add a description seeing as I didn’t do it at time of creation. I couldn’t seem to find an answer to this on here.

Worked it out, in the .json file :slight_smile:

When you will any new project uipath studio will ask you the project Name and description as well :slight_smile:. Both will be needed to publish a project and uipath studio stores this info in the project.json. you can modify it from there.


How to modify project.json file? I also having the same problem and not sure to fix it.

Right click on the file > Open with notepad


I have opened it with notepad, but still not able modify it. Need to create new project I guess.

Whats it saying? After you open the file, edit it but before you save close the folder that you opened to open the file.

I can open without any problem. And I tried to edit the Description. After I save, it close as usual. But when I opened it, it still empty.

Can you send me the file and description you want? I’ll see if it works for me. Feel free to send it in a message if you like.

Ah after tried many times, I still cannot. But when reboot the machine, I finally can edit. Thanks for your kind help anyway!