Deregister Licence after client crash

After installing an UiPath Studio, we have registered this installtion with an licence-key, we have received from UiPath, like: 123456****98765432
After a crash from the client, we cannot user the utility: Regutil to create a “deactivation certificate”.

How we can release this blocked license without a deactivation certificate?
Thanks for your help. Best regards
Urs Buck

Installer(.exe or .msi): UiPathPlatform_2018.1.msi

License type(Free, Trial/License code): 386726996271809547

Studio/Robot version: 2018.1

Current behavior: No re-install with the existing licence key


Please try to delete the License folder from %ProgramData%.

Hello ovl

Thank you for your fast response. My problem is: The client is unusable (as sample: There is a problem on the operating system in a virtual client. It is faster to stage this client new, then a supporter is searching the failure…).

All installed machine at us, are automaticly installed and the UiPath Studio is an OnDemand application, we can install over an existig software deploy service.

To unregister this installed licence, we should need the tool: Regutil, but when the supporter was faster than me: The client is new installed and the information I nned for the unrgister is not present :frowning:

Register the Studio with this licence key which was previously installed, its not possible.

But at this time: How I can “unregister” this Studio-licence, when the only one, what I have is the licence key like: *****

Great thanks for your investigation :slight_smile:
Best regards :wink:

Hey Urs,

Unfortunately I cannot help you here on forum so please submit a ticket using your company email: