Deprecation of the old Administration Experience in April 2023!

In August, we released our new admin experience for Automation Cloud. We also brought the same new admin experience to Automation Suite in our 2022.10 release. This new experience accommodates the ever-growing feature set in our platform while refining the navigation to remain as simple and intuitive as possible.

We knew that like all changes, this change would take some getting used to, so since the launch we’ve offered you the ability to use either the new experience or go back to the the previous one via a toggle. Most of our Automation Cloud admins are now using the new experience, and we’re grateful for the feedback that has enabled us to further refine it.

With the new features in 22.10 and upcoming in 23.4 and beyond, we have reached the point where we will need to move exclusively to the new experience to accommodate everything. So today, we are announcing that the deprecation of the old administration experience will happen in April 2023. Once this happens, the experience for all admins will default to the new administration experience, and admins will not be able to switch back to the old experience any longer. For admins using Automation Suite, this means the 2023.4 release will only have the new admin experience.

This admin change does not alter any current feature functionality - all the capabilities that you have been using in the Automation Cloud and Automation Suite will still available. But the revamped information architecture and experience should make navigation simpler, and it paves the way for new administration capabilities we will introduce over the coming months.

Want to learn more?

If you’d like to learn more about the new admin experience, please refer to our documentation.

We value your feedback

Please continue to share your feedback on using the new admin experience. Our product team appreciates your feedback and will consider it in future product releases.


Hi. Does it mean that we have to convert the old project (with windows - legacy compatibility) into this new version or can we keep them and just the new one are going to have the new compatibility?


Hi, this deprecation does not impact project compatibility.

This is just strictly regarding our administrative user experience in our platform (both Automation Cloud and Suite) :slight_smile:



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are you sure about that? I’m asking because I’ve got this warning message


Hi Massimiliano,

Please note that Windows-legacy compatibility is not related to the admin experience deprecation, they are separate items.

Indeed Windows-legacy compatibility is being deprecated - please see Deprecation of the Windows-Legacy Compatibility

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