Deployment of processes in different environments like Dev/Test/Prod

Hi, everyone.
I am new to RPA, so I just created a simple bot using the process.
Now I want to push into different environments to test and hand over to the client their system.
please suggest to me the steps on how we can do this.

Thank you team.


One of the advance step is that if your organization is following Devops, then it can done via there

If it is not present then check if you can connect UiPath Assistant with the Dev/Test/Prod url’s from your environment and publish your workflow

If it is not the case then you have to publish the package locally in your machine and then copy the package to the different environments

Hope this may help you


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Hello Srinivas,
with this approach you can never guarantee that the packages which was provided in development and consolidation will also be provided in production. The developer always has the possibility to make changes. This is an unfavorable scenario for an enterprise development, e.g. at banks or insurance companies.


The question to ask here is, in which business environment the deployment scenario should be realized.
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