Deployment of Orchestrator in AWS

I am new to setup a infrastructure , Following things are required in order to setup my project.

  1. Deploy Orchestrator on AWS( SQL Server will be deployed on another EC2 instance), the platform will be same for Development, QA, and Prod.
  2. Deployment model which can be integrated with Bit bucket and GIT.
  3. Governance model template
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Hi @manishsoni0407,
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Please check documentation about AWS instance:

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Thanks a lot, It is helpful but. I have following questions:

  1. log storage : how can we estimate the storage capacity of bot logs which needs to be saved in database. I am talking about on prem vs AWS.
    currently we have configured for 2 attended bots however based on business problem we might scale upto 200 bots. What is best practice to manage those logs.

  2. Is there any configuration available where bot logs needs to be updated in batch.

For the first question what I can tell is the fact that it’s hard to predict. All depends of number of projects, robots, potential issues and other stuff. You can experiment with public Community Orchestrator instance to check how many logs you will have and try to count/predict. For log management you can use built tools as well as 3rd party tools like Kibana.

Regarding second question the answer is not that simple because all depends on environment specifics. But you can automate it using commands. Please check out documentation under:

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