Deployment issue on another computer

Hi, I have created a bot and it runs successfully on my device, however when I share the folder with my colleagues for them to run on their end, they encounter problems, and it seems that StudioX skipped some of my flow activity. Was wondering if anybody faced this issue as well? Please advice me on the possible solutions I can try, thank you!

can you provide more details?
the error they get?
the flow?
several things can go wrong while you create a flow on a machine and then move it another one.

Hi, would it be the case that you have hardcoded file paths in the task that you created? Kindly check those please

Thank you for the reply, they received this error of “Could not find this user-interface (UI) element for this action.” while the bot was interacting with typeform and trying to click this “Generate a report” button. Additionally, the bot skipped the first typeform workplace activity and directly started with the second.

Thank you for the reply, I have put my excel files in the same folder as my StudioX project folder so in my flow I access them with their file name, will this affect the performance on another machine?

do they have the addins installed? (chrome/citrix/remote desktop and apps, depends what you are running there)
same resolution on monitor? same dpi? level of zoom.