Deployment for Citrix Automation Development


I have created Citrix automation with my local base system on UiPath studio, So after depoyment of workflow on Orchestrator to execute process do i need two system one base system to login into Citirx and second Citrix VDI to automate application?

Please suggest me alternatives if possible.

Please help me on this. .



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Yes in this case you need two systems only.

If possible install UiPath studio directly into Citrix machine itself and then no need to two systems but you no need to change the all workflows as you developed it based on Image automation.

Thanks for your response.

So that means if i will use only one system and install UiPath Robot directly in Citrix then also it will work.

What are the common error we can face as it’s a Image automation? @lakshman


Yes it will work.

Are you using Attended or Unattended BOT License ?

It depends on Screen resolution and make sure production machine screen resolution should be same as Development machine else it will fail. And also to open any applications try to use Shortcut keys instead of Image clicks.

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Currently, we are developing using Unattended BOT. @lakshman

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