Deploying UiRobot with Citrix

Dear Community,

I want to implement the UiRobot software in the Citrix-Environment of my company so we can deploy it to our employees. Basically it works fine but we have run into following problem:

start Citrix-Environment -> Software is delivered -> start the Tray and download the Process into .nuget Folder -> start Process -> Process runs fine -> close the Environment -> the Citrix Server moves all User-Files to another location (including the processes) -> Citrix server cannot move the .xaml files because the user has no access rights (they are removed as a security precaution as described here) -> start the Environment again -> open Tray -> Process appears normal -> start process -> robot throws error because xaml is missing

So I’m note quite sure how to work around this problem. One way would be to change the path of the .nuget -Folder from %userprofile%.nuget\packages to %userprofile%\Documents\.nuget\packages because the Documents Folder is moved in a different way. But I don’t know where to change the path.

Can anybody help, redirect or suggest something else?


Ok for what its worth I found a solution. Quite hackish though…

If you Delete the “PackageName.PackageVersion.nupgk.sha512” File in “%userprofile%.nuget\packages\PackageName\PackageVersion” the Robot-Tray recognizes that the Package has not been fully downloaded and downloads the missing parts.

So I’ll just have a Script running every time the user logs off that deletes every Sha512-File in the Folder. Still be glad for other suggestions though :wink:

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