Deploying to Azure with marketplace app


I want to deploy to Azure with the marketplace app: UiPath Orchestrator (WebApp with SQL).

My problem is once I deployed it I can’t log in as I don’t know the admin password and eventhough I went through all settings I couldn’t find a way to change it or set it.

Maybe someone can help what and where did I miss?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Aron_Gida

I have the same problem. Did you perhaps find a solution to this?

Hello @SenzoD,
The default tenant is:
user: admin
password: 890iop

for the host admin you can try the same but it was different for me so I copied the default admin password hash in the sql database and overwrote the host admin password with it and then it was the same.

It’s a bit sad that this information is not written in any documentation though.



Thank you @Aron_Gida so much that worked! And yes it is sad that this isn’t documented ANYWHERE! Please just mark your reply as a solution for other people to see it!

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