Deploying robots that I've created on other PCs

I’m using the community edition.

Could someone point me to a help page or discussion that explains what steps I need to take to install and run a robot I have written on another computer that doesn’t have UIpath Studio.

When I downloaded and started learning the product I was under the impression that you could simply create an .exe file that anyone could run on another computer. This would obviously be great and really simple but I read in another post that this is no longer possible?

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As far as I’m aware it’s not possible anymore (last one that permitted it was I think v7.5, ~2 years ago) - all workflows are run by UiRobot, so you need to have it installed.
Also the license itself does not permit distributing UiPath libraries (so also activities inside of them) without the software and that would be needed to run the workflows.

Installing Community Edition on the other hand shouldn’t be an issue.
Could you expand on your use case why you want to run it on a machine that doesn’t have UiPath installed?


I help out a lot of older people who have trouble using their computers. To make things easier for them I write macros which they can run on their computers to perform tasks that they have difficulty remembering. This usually just meant installing the macro software on their PC and they could run the macro simply by double-clicking on a shortcut icon. Very simple.

However the software i have been using is old, no longer supported and doesn’t work properly on Windows 7 or higher. So I started looking for another solution which is how I came across UIpath.

I don’t mind having to install UIpath Community on another computer if that is what is required to run a robot, but I need to know that once it’s there, a user can just simply run a robot/macro with a double click.



welll, it is pretty simple if you train the person to open UiPath and click run, for small projects community is a good choice.

Check this link to learn how to start a process from command line.

PD I was about to send reply and read that you help a lot of elder people wow man that’s awesome if you need more help count me in… :slight_smile:


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It depends. I’ve worked with some elders in our local community in the past and sometimes remembering how to check the email is was a challenge.

Unfortunately there’s a caveat with CE edition:

For deployed workflows though, you could start them from the tray icon… but the font there might be too small for elderly and you need to deploy it on the machine (manually for CE as there’s no push from Orchestrator).

Or maybe we could do a specific custom launcher (just a simple Forms app should do), with GUI adjusted for better visibility and tolerance for the changing path with updates - as a community project :slight_smile:

@badita - would this be fine from UiPath side if there would exist a custom app to start robots with CE edition? This cause is admirable, but it could potentially be used in other ones as well (not that it would do much without the software installed anyway). Of course I’m not asking for any endorsements, just if it would be allowed within the CE license.
Or if you see a good way to make it accessible for elderly.


Yeah… I can help to build like a panel on VB to launch UiPath, I work on it and let you know.



Thanks for this great response for everyone.

When I was looking for a replacement macro builder I looked at many different programs. Some of the more basic ones would have been sufficient but I thought it would be nice to invest my time learning a system that was more powerful so that if I ever wanted to develop something more sophisticated in the future, I would not be restricted.

The problem was that the cost of all the really advanced programs was too high. Then I stumbled on UIpath and I saw that it was powerful and had a community version.

I’m very impressed with this offering and hope that I can get the macros to work in a way that is easy for the user.

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According to the licensing agreement this is forbidden. Of course, there is no way for us to enforce or check that. In @telstrareg case we need to find a way to make an exception.

I don’t see any issue with creating desktop shortcuts and we’ll embed this functionality into the robot (assign shortcuts to published workflows feature). Another issue is that the CE license needs online renewal every two months. Will they be able to do it?

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We discussed it, and while we cannot remove that intentionally broad clause from the Terms&Conditions, we agreed we’d never pursue something like this, as that clause has very different purposes.

As it happens, the workflow-launching part is a component we’re looking to improve in the future, so your effort is appreciated.


Hi all! So, we cant execute a workflow we create in another computer? Thats not good :frowning:

@Maru1: Yes you can :slight_smile: . How did arrive to this conclusion? You’ll need to install UiPath on all the computers (to be able to run the workflows) and you can distribute as many workflows you want.


Great! And can we run in background or we have to see screen by screen always? Thanks!

You can do things in background. For example:

There badita post about background processes

Both, depending on the automated application. All this functionality is in Community Edition already.

@badita this might surprise you as I am replying to a very old topic but this is for my understanding.
So we can run a workflow created in a particular system in many other systems in the same LAN. However, the condition would be that all the other system should have UiPath CE installed in them, is it?

Anshul Agarwal

Correct. Users need to fall under the CE license agreement.

Ok great thanks for that info. Adding to what I asked, in order to achieve that I have below doubts

  1. Do we need to run the orchestrator on just the server machine?
  2. If say there are 10 other machines in the same LAN apart from server, do we need to provision 10 robots in orchestrator and in order to provision do we need to enter username and password for all the 10 machines?