Deploying process to attended robot

Can someone please describe what is the process of deployment to an attended robot?

Let’s imagine that we have an UiPath Studio licence on one machine and we have an attanded robot licence on an other machine:

  • How can I deploy the process created in Studio?
  • After deploying it, how will the user be able to start the process? (I found that from the Robot tray but please correct me)
  • How does one able to delete deployed processes from the robot tray? (Currently I did not find any option for this)

Thank you for your answer!


You can just move the .nupkg to the path “%Programdata%/UiPath/Packages”. UiRobot picks up the packages from here. Once the package is moved, User should be able to install and run the package from UiRobot System tray.

I believe deleting the package from the same location will remove it from the system tray as well, so that user won’t be able to run it.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


Thanks, you helped a lot! :slight_smile:

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