Deploying Orchestrator in PaaS fails with the error "File Could not be Downloaded"

How to resolve when Deploying Orchestrator in PaaS, the PS script throws an error that a file could not be downloaded?

Issue Description: When Deploying Orchestrator in PaaS, the Powershell script throws an error message: “The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive. File could not be downloaded.”

Resolution: This error is thrown when the script is attempting to download the AzurePublishParameters.json file from the App Service in Azure. This file it will further be used to take the necessary data, connect to the SQL DataBase and configure it.
The download of the mentioned file can be only done via FTP, and not via FTPS. If the App Service is configured to only allow FTPS then the download will fail.

To Allow FTP traffic, navigate to the App Service > Configuration > General Setting and set the "FTP state" to "All Allowed".