Deploying a project in orchestrator

how to deploy and run a job in orchestrator, by creating environments

I am having issues how to start a job after adding the project into Orchestrator

I have created robot and environment, but I don’t see any data to start job, and the output I see is " No data available"

Did you register your robot in the orchestrator?

Hi @rithwik

First thing i wants to know , are you an enterprise user? because i can see you are not belong to “ent” group so if i will share previous posts link here you will not be able to see that due to access rights.

So if you are an enterprise user than please signup with your company mail account or update your mail account in your profile.

For enterprise user here is the link of previous thread:

I am just assuming here that you have published your workflow and provision your robot as well.

Please follow following steps:

Provision Robot
Create Environment
Manage Robots( Assign robots to your environment.)
Add Queue(if required for you.)
Add Asset (Global/per robot) (if required for you)
Publish Process from UiStudio
Create Release
Start Job/Add Schedule

Let me know, if you have some doubts on it.