Deploy Front Office Bot On server


I have installed front end bot on Windows server.
When I take RDP and run process it works. But when I minimize or signout It stops working. From UIPath documentation I gather that FOR cannot works without screen.

Is there any workaround where I can make front office robot behave like back office robot?


Do note that UiPath is the sole entity that can say if something is or is not within license terms, below is just my opinion.


You do know that you’re basically asking how to break license terms, right?

That would defeat the purpose of having separate license types for each of them (especially taking into account that FO is cheaper).
I highly doubt that this could be done without weird setups.

FO by itself should run fine on a server machine (so a user can log in, run his processes, log out - as you described) from a technical perspective, maybe even license perspective as well (not a lawyer :wink: ). But making FO ( = Attended) work like BO ( = Unattended) is IMHO a no-go.

Thanks For the information.
I was just asking for evaluation purpose. If license terms are breaking I will opt for BOR only.