Dependency Issue


We have developed a code that is running end to end in my system. During deployment today we came across a few issues. While we tried to run it from the robot tray, below error occurred.

Can you please help us to solve the issue as early as possible.

Is the machine running Office 365?

No… Actually the main issue is While I try to deploy my code into someone else’s system, it is not running due to these error.
In the code we’ve used Api callings and excel reading as well. I guess the problem is there.
But to answer your question, I guess no the machine is not running Office 365.

Ok, the reason I’m asking is because there is a known issue for Excel in 365 but I have a fix for it. I’m assuming the file path it is trying to create is dynamic?

Filepath is dynamic.

The same code which is running end to end in my system, is not running into other system. I even have tried to reinstall the packages and update the excel package to version 2.5.
Excel package update is not possible because it is throwing error and saying Csharp version should be >4.5
And moreover I’ve sent the same .msi installation file that I had used while installing.
I mean the same version.

Hi @Sankalpa

Could you make sure you have this feed added to your package manager: