Dependency Cycles if Process and Package Name are Identical

Hello UiPath Developer Team,

yesterday I tried to use IronPython in the context of UiPath. For this I created a new process called IronPython.


In the next step I wanted to add the NuGet package.

An error occurred during loading.


The installation of the package was aborted due to cyclic dependencies. It took me some time to realize that the name of the process with that the name of the package was causing the conflict. After I created a process with a different name everything worked fine.

My suggestion here is to make the error message more verbose. If this error occurs you could check if the name of the process is identical with the name of the package. Then the error message could be extended to this:
We have detected dependency cycles. Your process name is identical with the package name. Installation cannot continue.

Thanks for your support and best regards

Thanks for reporting this. We will look into improving the error message.

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