Dependencies in the Studio in red? - WHY?

Why didn’t Studio install the dependencies correctly? I have such a mistake very often? How can I fix it?

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Didn’t you get messages when you installed them? It should tell you as you install them what the issue is. It should also tell you in the Output pane.

nothing :confused: Only higlight RED

What happens when you remove and reinstall?


I’m hijacking this thread on purpose to get some attention. I converted my project from Windows Legacy to Windows and, after that, I’m getting missing dependencies, that’s it, they are shown in red:

2023-08-28 092147-missing_deps

If I try the “Repair dependency” method, it turns blue, but then next time I reopen the project it will display red again.

After further inspection, with the “manage packages” option, I realized that there’s “no compatible version with Windows projects”.

What can I do in this case? I’m supposed to need those dependencies in my project, and I had to update the project specifically to Windows in order to be able to install my custom package just to be able to sort out some dependencies also…