Demonstration Ideas

UiPath Community:

I have been tasked to produce an interactive RPA demo for my upcoming Partner meeting. This is a group of 200+ Audit and Tax Partners and not a real technical audience. We have licensed UiPath software and have the infrastructure built out. Looking to increase awareness and visibility.

I am looking for some novel ideas to demonstrate RPA. Would love some interactive (audience participation) type demos. We could utilize Twilio for interacting with their smartphones if needed.

All ideas welcome!

Hi Philly,

This sounds fun.

  1. Create a game for them to play - make it interactive using input boxes and message boxes
  2. Have a basic build a bot session
  3. Use the RPA challenge to get people to race their bots
  4. Interact with Orchestrator in a neat way - e.g. kick of processes on multiple machines to race / battle somehow

However, in my experience whilst this is fun people often want to see working examples. People seem to struggle with conceptualising automation if it’s not on the systems they know and understand. So, for example APIs interacting with Xero, QuickBooks etc may be more beneficial - you want to make them go WOW!

Happy to help if you want to contact me directly :slight_smile: