Demo Mode (with Highlight on Key Actions)

Is it possible to add a demo mode setting to UiPath? We have been doing a lot demos lately to varies user groups, and one of the biggest complains we received is that the robot is acting too fast and is difficult to follow - especially those actions that do not result visual change (such as read text and click a button).

To overcome the issue, I had to use “highlight” activities either prior or in parallel with key actions (see attached). The coloring choice in the “highlight” activities also allowed me to visualize different action types to users. e.g. red for input, green for read, gold for click…

However, robots in PROD would not need these activities and it is a pain to have to constantly add/remove them, especially in lengthy processes. Is it possible to add a project level switch have them auto added/removed? Or alternatively, have the key selector actions comes with another true/false parameter called “highlight”? This way, we can use assign a global variable to it for easier control.


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