Deleting the first page of a pdf file


Please someone can help me with this problem? I have to read several PDF scanned documents and i should delete the first of page of each Pdf file that i receive.
Is there any activity to delete only the first page of a PDF document?

Hello @tass,

I don’t think so uipath contains that activity. you’ll have to do recording for this.
Please let me know if you get any good solution.

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Normally, you will need to use automation with a PDF Writer tool like Adobe PDF, CutePDF, or other, in order to edit your PDF.

However, I recommend you check this activity package out, cause it might be the easy-mode method you are looking for.

The Extract Pages activity will let you take out a range of pages, so if you take out all but the first page using a range like “2-10”, then it will remove the first page. But, you will need to figure out how many pages the document has, and I don’t remember or have a definite answer to that as of yet.



Hi @ClaytonM,

Would you please kindly provide guidance on how to use this activity using Adobe Writer? Thanks and Regards.


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Hi @sreekanth,

Thanks for the sample but it doesn’t open the file at all (just launch the Adobe application). Could you please tell me what is wrong with my workflow? Thanks!

Sorry!Provide the pdf file path in place of Extractedpdf variable.It opens pdf file in adobe reader

Hi @sreekanth,

Yes, I also tried that but it opens the file with all the pages. Is it possbile to open the PDF file with specific pages. ex. page 3-4 only? Thanks!

Go to package manager,Rigth click on Available and select configure sources,Add new source

Did u try this?

Hi Tass,

I have one question, What do you want to do after reading PDF document? Are you performing any operation after read? I think we can read all pdf documents starting from second page onwards. Read PDF activity gives that flexibility. could you please explain functionality?


Hello guys,

Thanks for all your inputs. I have used automation and thankfully i switch to Acrobat pro wherein it is easier since i got tools to delete pages. Thank you guys , i have learnt a lot

Hi Sreekanth, yes I tried but i encountered error ‘unable to resolve dependency PDFsharp (> 1.32.3057)’. Could you please tell me what I need to do in order to proceed? Many thanks!

Hi all, i encountered error ‘unable to resolve dependency PDFsharp. Could anyone please help what we need to do? Many thanks!

Thanks all, solved.
I have installed the latest PDFsharp.

This function is so GOOD!!! thanks!!!