Deleting Rows by Checking neighbour Row in another column

Here i have one excel file containing multiple columns with headers So i need to check two neighbour Rows for example D2 and E2 if D2 and E2 having same values i need to remove A2 and A3 cells if values are different will go for next and need to check D3 and E3 if cells are contain same values need to delete A3 and A4 cells like that i need to fetch all the data and do this same operation on entire Data table. And approximate count of data in Excel is 16k to 20k

Thanks in advance for your support,
It will help me alot if i got solution for it


A Sample input and output would help to understand better…As you said rows byt D2 and E2 belong to different columns…And A2 and A3 are differet rows not columns again and once you delete few the next ones will come into A2 and A3 so please provide more details and a sample input and output


Sorry Dear Anil, as for Cleint policies. unable to take that files out of organisation, any way I got solution by using Join data table activity and some Linq codes…

Thanks for the response…


Like with the provided info its difficult to say what you need…

Can you create any smaple file with dummy data and ahow required output and input files?

Or if you can answer thw qeustions that i posed also would help a bit