Deleting files in recycle bin


I want to delete all the files from Recycle Bin but i am not able to do it. My Robot is able to detect recycle bin and then open it also but after that i am not able to delete files from it.


Wouldn’t it be easier to right click and empty Recycle bin?
Or you want to delete from code?


Hello there,
Use CMD via Start process and run the script
rmdir /q /s C:\Recycler
rd /s /q %systemdrive%$RECYCLE.BIN

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I have selected all the files in recycle bin after that i have used recording activity to get right click after that i want to select delete and i am not able to select delete option as well and is there any way where i can directly use Keyboard delete button.


in command prompt its throwing an error saying the system cannot find the file specified.

Hello there,
First thing you need to run cmd as admin and you need to change the folder name according .
In case of using keyboard delete button you can use SendHotkey activity and then enter


its not working
shall i send you my workflow