Deleting cookies activity in uipath


I am trying to login to a web application, however, it saves the username the next time i login and hence the uipath process fails.
Can you please suggest anyway that the username is not saved and a fresh page is loaded everytime for the same application.



I have a 2-part answer for your question.

  1. for a business environment using RPA, you should not be saving passwords. To change that setting in IE, you go to Internet Options:

  2. It will be beneficial, and as best practice, to check the state of the application before you perform certain actions such as typing in to log in. Then, you can skip over those actions. This also allows you to attach to existing window each time the workflow runs rather than requiring prep work like closing all windows and stuff. You can do this with Element Exists and an If activity.

I really believe your automation should be able to handle most scenarios without prep work.

I hope those tips help.


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