Deleting a Selected Range




I’m trying to import data into an excel spreadsheet and then delete the headers associated with them. I’m trying to do this in the excel application scope, is it possible to delete a range that is selected inside of the application scope?

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I read this post before posting my topic, how do you invoke the hotkey? That’s the part I became confused about


Send hot key activity


This is the hang up, since the process is in the application scope and running in the background. What do I set on screen under the target window to invoke the send hotkey to execute?


Did you try checking send windows messages option without selecting any target.


It executes but does not delete the range. I think it’s getting thrown off by the delete cells dialogue box. Is there a way around this? This is just a piece of what I’m working on, but this is responsible for deleting the range…

NoFlowVariables.xaml (7.0 KB)


Try this
removeExcelRow.xaml (7.7 KB)