Deleting a row from Excel

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I am just wondering if anybody could help me out. Where my robot is running through a number of the same tasks with different information in an Excel sheet, I have a variable called Row Number. If that Row Number contains information that has caused an error, I have it currently send an email to advise the people who would previously do that task to do it manually. Is there a way I could use this Row Number variable to ask the robot to delete that row from Excel and then move onto the next one?



Depending on your requirements, like if you just want to remove only that row or if you want to remove all the rows that equal that row.

If you just want to remove the row you currently are on with the Row Number, you can use the Remove Data Row activity. Put in the Row Number in the RowIndex parameter.

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Hi @ClaytonM I want to select row using variable value , and want to get the table back with rest of the records, please suggest

tried above mentioned solution , but it is back filling the stake as below



you are posting on many thread. .be patient . wait for the replies :slight_smile: otherwise create a separate post .It will be easy to maintain that thread.

Hope you will get it what i am trying to say :slight_smile:


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