Deleting a Queue Item forever

Can we remove a Queue item from the queue forever without deleting the queue completely???
Consider the below scenario so that you understand why I need this functionality or why I am asking this question.

  1. I upload a queue item which has a collection of key value pairs. Currently this has 10 pairs
  2. I do some code changes and I would like to re upload the item with the same unique reference so that it can have the 2 additional key value pairs. (total 12 pairs after the code change)
  3. Because of the unique reference setting I can’t do this and I am forced to delete the entire queue.
    This removes the information of all the previously processed items and their status.

One of the solution for this is to remove the unique reference setting from the queue. But I don’t consider it to be ideal way of handling queue items.

It will be really helpful if this is considered in the next release. A functionality to remove the item forever so that the unique reference feature can be used as it was meant to be.

PS :I have read a few threads where people have got similar doubt as I have but I couldn’t find a sensible solution to this.

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Hy @pratik.santani,

You cannot “delete forever” queue items because the Orchestrator keeps logs. You do not have to worry about it, ok? If you delete an item you can add it again, you wont get into trouble with unique referencing.

Is it clear for you? If so please like my post and mark my answer as a solution, it helps me.
Any questions please let me know


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Hi @pratik.santani
If you issue relevent to Enterprise Edition and If you have Orchestrator DB
yes its possible , you can do it by deleting data form DB

But Remember : If you dosen’t having proper DB knowledge or not much familiar with Orchestrator DB , I’m not recommending to do it by your own.

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Hi @William_Blech_Sister

The item can be added again only if the Unique reference is turned off for the queue.
I want this to be turned on for technical reasons and that is why I want to delete the items forever.

Hey @Maneesha_de_silva
I didn’t know about the DB till now. I will check with the Orchestrator admins for this and see if I find something.

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Hy @pratik.santani

Once item is deleted or processed, the unique reference does not bar any new items with that same key to be added, did you try to do it?



Hey @William_Blech_Sister
I am pretty sure I have tried doing this but if you are so sure I will try again and come back to you :slight_smile:

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Hi @William_Blech_Sister
It worked.
After deleting the item, I tried to add another item with same unique reference.
Thanks for pointing this out.

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