Deleting a Global Handler File from Project Manually will not Update JSON

How to troubleshoot the UiPath Studio, where deleting global handler manually from workflow files doesn't update json?

In UiPath Studio, a global exception handler can be defined per project like following:

  • This will generate an entry in the project.json file, that will contain the name definition of the handler: 
"projectVersion": "",
  "runtimeOptions": {
    "exceptionHandlerWorkflow": "GlobalHandler_test.xaml",
    "autoDispose": false,
  • By deleting the global exception handler manually from the project directory the project.json file will not be updated with the modification, leading to exceptions not being correctly handled.
Studio provides a contextual menu to create, rename, delete (remove) global exception handler from project, and those action will also update the project.json correctly.

Workaround to remove an orphan json entry for global exception handler:
1. Create a new file in the project
2. Right click on it from  project tab
3. Choose Set as Global Handler
4. Right click it again
5. Choose Remove Handler