Deleting a file from server based custom application


I am currently working on a ‘file’ deletion bot, the problem i am having is the file is contained within a server based application as per the image attached

I want the bot to identify Submission summary report in this list which can be 10 items long at times and then click on it, the deletion step i can do by clicking on a box elsewhere once the ‘submission report’ has been selected or by pressing the delete button on my keyboard.

Any help is much appreciated! I’m new to UiPath so still experimenting with all its functions :slight_smile: Thanks

Try to use Directory.Getfiles(Report path)(Position) in the if condition and if it is found then delete by using delete activity with passed properties.

Unfortunately since its a server based application (There are no file paths) it is a list within a application of files i can’t make it pick up the file name via a path or directory.


I dont understand, what is the error you are having?