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I am pretty new to UiPath and have a scenario at hand which I would like to automate. I want to understand if such a scenario can be automated.

So on a daily basis, we receive a daily automated mail which shows duplicate entries(item numbers) in a database.

To fix this,the only solution at this point of time is to go to a webpage which has editable fields that contain the item numbers, do a search for the duplicate items using ctrl + f and then delete the item numbers that get highlighted.

Can this be automated? I am thinking about the part where currently we do a manual search on the web page to check the duplicate items and then press delete/backspace. How to automate the manual search?

Hi @thejwal_pavithran

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I guess if you have access to data base itself then you can remove duplicate rows.

If you don’t and the only approach is to remove it manually from a webpage that is also possible, as editable fields or text boxes can be easily automated.

Manual search, email, deletion, everything can be done using UiPath.

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