Delete unwanted row from csv OR read only Table from csv

Hi I am working on Bank statement csv format, I want to read only table from .csv files
how to do this,

Hi @suraj23,

Do you meant, reading from A13 onwards ? Table with headers…

Hi Suraj,

You have to do below steps to achieve this.

First Use Build DataTable Activity to create DataTable.(Which will be your final DataTable in the end)
2nd- Read csv file that will return you data table.
3rd- Use for each row to iterate csv data table now you notice that your table is starting from “Remitter/beneficiary” You can use if condition to check when iteration reaches to “Remitter/beneficiary” row then use “add data row” activity to insert the remaining rows into the data table that you built in step 01. Or you can do this another way like when you are using foreach row you can use index , put the index number in the foreach row propert it will start iterating your data table from that index then you can whether put it to new data table or you can play with that data table your choice.


Thanks @ghazanfar,
by using your solution, I create my own solution. As

  1. Create DataTable in variable panel (Veriable declaration not created by using Build DataTable Activity)
  2. Read csv files and get into DataTable named as dt_csvData
  3. For Each Row on dt_csvData
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Excellent that will work

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