Delete Rows when no rows to delete

Hi - I see that subsequent to updating to excel activities 20.10.4 there is a change in how delete rows manages a scenario where there is no data to delete (other than headers). It now throws in error whereas previously it moved to the next activity. Is there any workaround for this?

I can add an IF activity to determine if there is data before the delete rows, but I was just wanting to understand if any other alternative.

Hi @harri.w.morgan,

If you don’t need to check whether there are rows, you could TryCatch the activity and use System.Exception in the Catch block. This will allow your workflow to skip over the activity should it break

Hi @harri.w.morgan

If the new version activities throw means why dont you degrade the excel package into older version which ran well


When I downgrade the package it creates an error for all excel activities

Thanks for speedy response - how do I do this in Studio X