Delete rows in excel with conditioning

Dear friends,

I have a excel with formatted cells (cell color background) in all certain columns and rows, just mixed up.

My goals is to:

1 - make a copy this excel (no problem)
2 - in a loop →
a) filter data on e-mail address (column f)
b) delete everything which is not filtered
c) save the new excel WITH FORMATTET.

I can not use delete range activity as here i need the range which i do not have and I also cannot use a data table in between as I lose my formatting on the cells.

How can I get multiple smaller excel-files from one master-excel and keep the formatted color cells?

Thank you,

As you have formatted excel with you,

After copying that file use filter datatable activity for email id in that use keep option and save it in output variable
Then use write range in copied file and then apply formatting accordingly using macro/vba

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