Delete rows if column value equals to "SRT" and if column contains any blank fields

Hello everyone,
I need to remove the rows if column ‘s’ contains “SRT” and any blank cells.

I tried with filter data table but it’s taking too much time since there are 3lakhs of rows.

Can any1 suggest me a better way to do this.

Thank you.

Hi @rpajyoti_wagh

Use assign activity and say"[Column1]"=“SRT” or [“Column1”]=’’). copy todatatable()
Use for each row in dt and use delete data row



try yo use FilterDataTable activity and apply your required filter there. It will not take more time.


Use an Assign activity and write as below

DtVariable = DtVariable.Select("[ColumnName]" <> “SRT” OR [“ColumnName”]<> “”).CopyToDatable()

Hope this may help you