Delete rows from Cell (A) To Cell (B)


I have a list of items in one column in excel fine, and given random cells : A & B, I want to delete all items between Cell A and Cell B. How to achieve this? .Here’s an example :
image Example.xlsx (9.9 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi @hsendel

You could use a write range activity with the range set to "A:B" and set it to write a blank string.

Is this what you were hoping for? Or did you want to completely delete the rows?

Thanks nlee1131 for prompt feedback.
YES, I want to delete all rows between cell A and Cell B

Have you looked into this activity yet?

I need to get the following column at the end :

Would something like this work?

This is nearly what I want, remains only one point: my range to be deleted is not static, it’s varaible, means, cellA and CellB are changing, need to be declared as inputs, Is my scope clear?

For example, I say : delete rows from cell with ( Last Digit is 6) and Cell with ( Last Digit is 2).

Could you try this syntax: """" + cellA + ":" + cellB + """" where ‘cellA’ is the first cell and ‘cellB’ is your second cell?

where to try this ? in range activity in your example?


UnfortunatelyExample.xlsx (9.9 KB) Sequence.xaml (6.9 KB) , it’s not working

Hi @hsendel,

If it is dynamic , use find activity in below package . It returns the cellinfo based on that you can delete the row.


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