Delete Row in excel

I am deleting some rows in excel sheet. And writing the data to another excel sheet. I have used Remove Data Row and then passed the datatable to new excel sheet. But only 1st column gets copied. I want to copy entire row. . What could be wrong?

hi @shrutika

check this statement

DataTableName=DataTable.Select("ColumName <> “”).CopyToDataTable()

Ashwin S

This is giving wrong results. Some of the unnecessary data also gets copied.

hi @shrutika

Check the below post

Ashwin S

Hi @shrutika,

1.Read the excel sheet into Datatable dtExcel1 using ReadRange Actvity
2.Use the Remove Data Row Select form the package of BalaReva.DataTable.Activities . It has the Select property where you can specify the condition to delete. (It has the sample also).
3. It has the Result return the result as datatable.
4.Use the Write Range Activity to write the data to an another excel sheet.


Thank you. works for me