Delete record from excel

means I need to copy the excel data and pasted in macro excel file …?

Not necessarily, assume macro file as your source code. You can use that to perform operations on different excel files.

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@Varun_Raj I think client not agree with this look for another solution

Any specific reason for that? Because it’s a very common practice in RPA.

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I am not client need to change any thing or not…?
Actually every moth end client need to execute excel sheet that sheet contain around 4-5 lakh record.I will create macro for one excel and for other excel how can work this…?

Create a macro file and place it in a folder called “Macros”.

Every month you get a new excel file, place it in a folder called “Processing” and move the macro to that folder and execute the macro.

After macro execution delete the macro file in “Processing” folder and move the excel file to where ever you want.

Hope this helps.

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you mean to create a separate macro and execute this for excel and remove zero.Then excel file process in uipath…??

Yep, that’s right.

If you have more excel operations, I suggest to do that with in macro itself.

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I need to pass condition in criteria1 what I can pass.My requirement is I need to remove all those value which amount is almost Zero

eg remove value like .01,-.01,0.00 consider value like -253,$.1

means consider those value which is -ve in int only remove those value which which 0 or decimail value

I am use this for apply filter I am not sure its right or not but this execution not working for me

ws.Range(“A1:AZ1000000”).AutoFilter Field:=4, Criteria1:=">.1", _
Operator:=xlBetween, Criteria2:="<-.1"

Is it possible to share a data set? It’ll be a good help to understand the problem

yes its too big file after delete some record then upload

Report 0577 - Rasier Detailed Losses by Claim as of 2019-06-30 - v13 (3.8 MB) yes its heavy file so I deleted some record then upload .In one column name Change in Calculated contribution AD column I need to delete record which value is zero
eg .01,-.01
not to remove like value -$345


Check this xaml, change the IF condition as you want then it will check all the rows and delete the row for certain condition.
DeleteRowInExcel.xaml (10.5 KB)

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@sarathi125 did you saw this…?


Yes, it will open the excel file and check for each row then it will delete based on the condition.

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while try to open getting error “Activity could not be loaded because of error in XAML”
Now we no need to use macro…?


No need of macro, i have used UiPathTeam.Excel.Extensions.Activities…

Try to include that package and try with that xaml

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it will also work for 4 lakh records …?


I haven’t tested with that number of data, you please check.

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